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Digital Marketing Services

A cutting-edge, nationally recognized digital marketing agency dedicated to elevating your brand through innovative marketing solutions, custom strategies, channel expertise, and flawless execution.

Why Choose Us?

When you engage with Cyril Creatives, you get the proper experience. For social media marketing, that means a dedicated client strategist, content specialist, and designer to create and execute the plan.

You’ll receive:

-A personalized social media strategy with psychographic data and competitive analysis
-Color palettes, photos and creative assets
-Nimble strategies that can pivot with your needs and audience
-A collaborative partnership
-Insightful data that goes beyond platform analytics
We’ll work in tandem with you to create a social media strategy and playbook to understand, align and execute on your goals and needs. Using our analytics and reporting, we’ll offer suggestions and adjust strategies to best accomplish your goals and engage your audience.

How We Do It?

We not only ran targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or even YouTube, we also take time to understand campaign data that enables the client make informed business decisions. We undertake a lot of research with various online tools to better understand your target customer’s buyer persona.
We take time to understand the client’s requirements, advise on the best course of action and develop digital marketing strategies that will deliver on the current campaign objective. All our social media marketing campaigns come complete with a custom approach/ strategy, tips & insight, media buying budgets, campaign artwork and digital reports for your fulfillment.
We offer social media management and marketing in one-off campaigns or renewable packages (weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually). The core social media marketing platforms we use for advertising businesses’, services, products, offers or a brand’s USP are – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business & YouTube.

Our Services

Well-researched social media marketing solutions that take the guess work out of digital marketing – complete with your own custom strategy, industry insight and a hands-on approach in achieving objectives.
Professionally handled accounts/ campaigns including platform security, themed messaging, content calendars, hashtag tracking, online influencers, live help desk, programmed message bots, platform optimization and reports.
Targeted ads with custom adset and media buying budgets on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube.
We observe an inbound marketing approach to meet KPI’s and campaign objectives.
Create compelling content or captions that will accompany your ads on various social media marketing platforms.

Let us spread the gospel of your brand!

A data-driven approach to digital solutions.